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Dean saw Dawn coming out of the back room with Ash, tear tracks down her cheeks and Ash’s arm round her to ease the pain. He had never seen Ash that way with anyone; obviously she’s going through a rough time, just like Sam. Sam had been moody for a couple of days after the events with Andy and Ansem but he was starting to get back to normal. Well as normal as Sam could get with all his ‘special abilities’.

Dean felt a tug at his jacket and looked down to see green eye’s staring into his.

“What Kid?” Dean asked Jesse.

“It’s your turn, grandpa,” Jesse smirked walking towards Sam, who was hiding his laughter by drinking, and sitting at a chair.

Jesse stood beside Sam, pool stick in one hand while the other hand high-fived Sam’s hand.

Dean was about to say something when he felt someone stare at him and turned round just in time to see Dawn’s head duck and then returned her attention to another hunter. Something about Dawn made his nerves tingle but there an air of acquaintance surrounding her. He would have to call Bobby later to ask his opinion on her.

But at that moment, Dean had to beat a kid at pool. He turned away from Dawn to stare at the nearly empty pool table. Well, there were many red balls and about two yellow balls; of course Dean was red which meant he was losing to a 7 year old who was better than anyone he’d ever played.

‘Where was Jo when you need her?’ Dean thought. ‘Bet she could turn that kid’s smirk into a frown in a matter of seconds.’

“Dean, you’re getting beat by a seven year old,” Sam said with amusement in his voice.

“Yeah, thank you Captain Obvious,” Dean gritted out, trying to keep his anger in control.

Not ready to admit defeat, Dean started playing pool but not before giving Sam and Jesse a glare.




It was the end of the pool game when Dawn decided to go to the shops for some chocolate and ice cream; the best junk food to eat when you’re depressed. The laughter between the unknown uncle and nephew, as well as the father/son bonding session was getting to her too much.

Ash saw the looks Dawn was giving Dean when had his back to her, but like a true hunter he caught her out every time. Ash knew she was trying to think of a way to tell Dean he was the father of Jesse, but all it was doing, was pushing her deeper into herself.

Ash could see Jesse had Dean’s eyes and definitely his bad-ass attitude but he also had Dawn’s fun side and her ‘hunting skills’ as she called them.

“Good game kiddo,” Dean said half-hearted.

“I beat you and you still called me kid. How’s that fair?” Jesse asked, getting annoyed, like his mum, when people treated him like a baby.

“It’s not,” Dean said with a smirked and winked at him as Dawn walked over.

“You’ll get used to him, trust him,” Sam said to Jesse, who looked pissed off, just like him when Dean called him ‘Sammy’.

“Why thank you, ‘Sammy’” Dean said, expanding the word ‘Sammy’ for emphasis.

Dawn had always liked Sam; he was a good mate always understanding everyone, which made him a great listen. They had bonded well once because they were both younger siblings with over protective siblings.

Jesse saw his mum approaching and said, so excited that his words came out with a bounce,

“Hey mum, guess what? I actually beat someone, all that training paid off, did you see what I did? Why have you got you coat? Are you going out? Can you get be something?…”

“Whoa, kiddo breathe. Has someone given you chocolate?” Dawn said, kneeling down to her hyper son.

Sam hesitantly rose his hand and stuttered out,

“Erm…I…I gave…him some…but he said...”

Dawn waved Sam off, saving her friend from explaining and stuttering to death.

“Its okay, Jesse has some of my qualities, which of course includes lying right on the spot,” Dawn said giving Sam a huge smile, which had a huge familiarity behind it but could not find out where from.

“Yeah you should here the story of how she kissed a vampire,” Jesse began, but was cut of by Dawn covering his mouth with her hand.

“You kissed a vampire?” Dean and Sam whispered, almost too stunned to breathe let
alone talk.

“I wish aunt Buffy never told you them stories. I swear she did it on purpose,” Dawn said, but remember her reason for coming over here. “Anyway, I am going to the shops, do you want anything?”

“No, I’m fine; no actually get me some M&M’s,” Jesse said, changing his mind half-way through.

“Are you sure?” Dawn asked her son with a smirk, who nodded and than continued,

“Ok hunny, I will be back in an hour, at least. Calm down, don’t bother anyone and I mean it this time and if you get in trouble just go to Ash. On second thoughts go to Ellen.”

Dawn turned to leave when Jesse whispered,

“Be safe.”

Dawn halted at the door as her heart started to break at the innocence and concern of her son; she only saw this side of him, with no jokiness, when she went out at night by herself.

‘You know too much of my life, Jesse,’ Dawn thought.

Dawn turned and kneeled in front of Jesse.

“Always and forever,” Dawn said with all her heart and touched his nose with her finger.

Dawn kissed him on the forehead and hugged him with all her might. Over her son’s shoulder she lingered her eyes on Dean’s blank-face before she looked Sam, who was getting quite emotion at the scene.

Dawn nearly laughed,

‘You were always the emotionally brother, Sammy.’

Dawn got up and said ‘goodbye’ to Jesse, and was almost at the door when a hand on her upper arm stopped her. She turned round to see Sam looking uncomfortable about the next scene but was concerned at the same time.

“You sure you’re going to be alright?”

“I going to be fine, I promise but if we keep talking about it I’ll be jinxed,” Dawn said, getting a smirk from Sam.

During the mother/son moment, Dean flashed back to when he was a child with his mum. He thought,

‘Would I have been like that? When I was older, would I have been attached to mum as much as Jesse?’

Knowing he had to stay strong for Sam, he put on a blank face and stared into the loving blue eyes of Dawn as she stared back with a hint of sadness and confusion, before flicking her eyes to Sam.

As he saw Sam approach Dawn, he turned his attention to Jesse, who was glaring dangerously at the entire bar, that were looking at with sympathy.

“What? Get back to drinking, NOW!” Jesse shouted, stamping his foot with frustration.

The hunters went back to drinking with a hint of amusement in their eyes and a smothered smile.

After a minute of Jesse calming down, Dean decided to make a quiet conversation at the bar.

“So kid, what are you doing here anyway?” Dean said politely, but all he got in return was a glare, that could make his dad step away.

“My mum said why, thicko,” Jesse said, when Ellen walked past and whispered in a false sing-song voice,

“Jesse what would your mother say?”

Getting the hint of an warning. Jesse put on a fake smile and said in a polite voice that was forced,

“My mum decided to come here because she needed money; also she thought it would be safer for me here, with hunters surrounding me and less demon activity.”

Somewhere through the sentence Jesse’s politeness was not forced but more relaxed, like sharing things actually worked.

“Safer?” Dean said, interested in the subject.

“Hmm can’t say, sorry. But my mum said not to and I do NOT want to get on the wrong side of her, believe me,” Jesse said, experience behind his attitude.

“I do believe you. Remember I was there for the chase,” Dean smirked, drinking a bit of his beer.

Jesse chuckled, “Yeah that’s my mum for you. She’s the best but I wish she didn’t think she was invincible.”

“Yeah I know what you mean,” Sam said, sitting down to Jesse while glaring at Dean.

“I do not think I am invincible,” Dean said, glaring back at Sam.

“Mmm-hmm,” Sam whispered, not convinced at all.

Dean decided to change the subject to relax the tension but the question he asked had the opposite affect.

“So, where’s you dad?” Dean said casually.

Jesse glared coldly at Dean before lowering his head, making Sam mouth to Dean,

‘Yeah, nice job Dean,’ while rolling his eyes.

Dean winced at how stupid he was and said sincerely,

“Look, I’m sorry man, if don’t want to talk about.”

“Nah, it’s fine, really, it’s just that I never knew him. He left when I was born, I think,” Jesse said, lifting his head to stare straight on.

“You think?” Sam asked wondering.

“Yeah, my mum doesn’t talk about him that much. I think he broke my mum’s heart and if he did, I would rather not know him,” Jesse angrily said, putting his head down again as tears built in his eyes.

Dean and Sam looked at each other trying to figure a way to comfort the boy but no ideas came to their heads.

Meanwhile Dawn was mindlessly walking down the street with a bag fall of chocolate and ice cream, thinking over different situations that could happen when Dean found out, but all end in blood, death and torture, either with her mind or body.

Of course she had tendency to let her imagination run wild, which was not helpfully. In the end she got caught up singing ‘Runaway’ by Linkin’ Park.

Now I find myself in question
they point the finger at me again
Guilty by association
you point the finger at me again,”
Dawn sang underneath her breath, thinking the song was appropriate as she could see everyone of her family cornering her and blaming her.

What she didn’t realise that she was walking into a cemetery and when she did, it was only because of the loud growling noise behind her.

As she turned round, she saw four vampires standing in line; games face on and ready to attack.

One of the vampires snarled and said,

“So what’s a sweet little thing like you doing out here, all alone?”

Dawn snorted, seriously vampire should get new phrases.

“Well, I was so bored that I thought I should go to never, never land. What does it looks like I am doing? I went to the shops, hello, look at the bag. Good detective work,” Dawn said sarcastically, while giving the vampires a thumb-ups sign.

The vampires took a second of confusion and shock that there food was fighting back; before they caught up that she insulted them. They ran at her fast with bared teeth, like a warning at the pain about to happen to her.

Dawn dropped her bag and pulled out a stake from her back pocket, while dodging a punch from a vampire and then staking him in the heart, turning him to dust.

The vampires clearly had underestimated her, which gave her the chance to flip over a second vampire and dust him, while he was lying unexpectedly on his back.

‘I am so glad Buffy and Faith trained me,’ Dawn thought.

One of the remaining vampires kicked her in the stomach, pushing her sharply to the ground, but she turn that into good luck as she kicked her own leg at his shin making him collapse to his knees so she could stake him in the heart.

When she gained her feet, the vampire that spoke before was the only one left. He obviously was the leader of the now dead gang.

“You’re going to pay for that,” He growled out with enough anger to force her to the floor.

“Oh my god, get new a dictionary,” Dawn said, but her last words were screamed as she found herself tackled over a grave, landing firmly into a puddle of mud. Of course that wasn’t before hitting her head on the grave stone behind her.

“Not so tough now are you? Say ‘good night’,” The vampire said smirking, while lying above her and leaning into her as if he was going to bit her neck.

Just as closed in on her, he found a stake in his heart. It was just like what she did with Justin; fool him to think he was winning but at the last second stake him.

The vampire was so stunned that his nearly jaw fell to the floor, especially when Dawn waved and said,

“Good night.”

As Dawn sat up she found herself sitting in mud, her clothes dirty, one high heel broken off and a massive headache, followed by a throbbing butt.

“Gross. I going to kill Sam for jinxing me,” Dawn whispered all promise behind her voice.

She stood up and started limping back, painfully, to the roadhouse but not before picking up and checking her ice cream and chocolate that she dropped.

“Oh good, the stuffs not damaged,” Dawn said, thinking it would be her luck that her anti-depressing substances would be ruined after a fight.




Dean, Sam and Jesse were still sitting at the bar, waiting for Dawn, the only difference was that the bar was closed and they were all worried about Dawn. Ellen was behind the counter and Ash in the back asleep when the door banged open.

They all turned to see Dawn caked with mud all over her body, clothes and hair. She was hobbling as her right heel was torn off and she had cuts and bruises all over body, especially her head which had a lump from the grave stone.

“Mum,” Jesse shouted, and ran up to Dawn to fling himself at her for a hug.

Dawn winced at pain that went down her back, but bit down her lip to keep her from gasping.

Ellen saw this and came over to Jesse, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Jesse, hunny, let’s put you to bed while you mum cleans herself up.”

Jesse shook Ellen’s hand off and stared at her.

“But I want to stay with her,” Jesse said, concerned.

“Jesse, baby, I’m ok. You should get some rest for school tomorrow.”

“Ok, but you sure your ok mum,” Jesse said, looking at Dawn with worry.

Dawn put on a brave face and kneeled to hug her son, stilling biting back the pain.

“I promise hunny, all I need is rest, like you do.”

“Ok, only if you sure. Night mum,” Jesse said, walking into the back with Ellen, believing everything Dawn said.

As soon as he was gone, Dean and Sam ran over to help Dawn to her feet. Sam looked worriedly at Dawn and asked,

“You ok?”

“No I am not ok, the stupid vampires broke my favourite heels,” Dawn replied bitterly.

“Dawn…” Sam said softly.

“What? They were my favourite pair that Buffy brought me on her travelling. I suppose she could get some new ones in Paris, when she is not training or looking for slayers…” Dawn rambled, but was interrupted.

“DAWN!” Dean shouted, getting Dawn’s attention.

“Alright fine, my bum aches, so do my head and right ankle. I also have cuts and bruises all over my body. Happy?” Dawn shouted back.

This fight was too familiar to Dawn as she remembered all the fights the couple once had, all those years ago.

“Ecstatic,” Dean replied sarcastically.

“Come on let’s check you over, see the damage,” Sam said, leading her to the bar.

Dawn, instead of sitting on a stool, sat carefully on the counter, her right foot stretched out on the table for show, while the left leg just swayed behind the bar.

“Ok, head's fine, not concussed but will need to be covered up. Let’s look at you foot,” Dean said during his examination of Dawn.

Dawn nearly didn’t here a word as every touch of Dean’s fingers on her face made her tingle and blush at the sexual feelings she felt just by the touch. But she was brought out of her dream world when a wave of pain hit her from Dean taking off her boot and pushing her ankle slightly.

“Ow, ow, ow,” Dawn gasped as Dean continued to prod her ankle. Getting irritated at the action, Dawn punched Dean’s arm.

Dean winced and rubbed his arm, but he finally got Dawn’s message and stopped after glaring furiously at his laughing brother.

“Sorry Dawn, looks like a strained ankle but should be better in no time.”

“Fine, then you can wrap my ankle up Sammy,” Dawn said heatedly and shoved the bandages to Sam with so much force he stumbled back.

That wiped the smirk off Sam’s face and transferred it onto Dean’s face at the fact, Sam was being ordered around. It was Sam’s time to laugh again a second later, as Dean was frowning too from the fact that Dawn had order him to clean up her face.

After 10 minutes, Dawn was cleaned and patched up with a bandaged ankle and a plastered face.

As Dawn climbed off the counter and behind the bar, Dean’s phone rang. When Dean saw the caller ID he tapped Sam on the shoulder and Sam followed him out of the bar.

“Hi Bobby, thanks for getting back to me so fast,” Dean greeted, when he was outside.

You see just before Dawn had arrived back at the roadhouse, Dean had informed Sam of his thoughts about Dawn and Sam said he had the same thoughts. So they both agreed that they should call Bobby and leave a message.

“No problem, so what’s up?” Bobby asked.

“What do you know of a woman named Dawn Summers,” Dean replied.

“Dawn, Dawn Summers, you sure it’s Dawn Summers?” Bobby questioned

“Yes why?” Dean said, getting apprehensive.

“Because if so, you’ve all ready met her, well sort of,” Bobby said cryptically.

“Sort of, what do you mean sort of?” Dean said, voice rising by the minute.

“You meet her when you were 20 years old. Remember that summer when you and your brother came to stay with me and two sister showed up but only one stayed. Well that was Dawn; of course she was running from demons and had to hide out until her sister sorted out the problem, so she went by an alias. She called herself Amy-Jane Smith,” Bobby explained as recognition came to Dean’s eyes.

Flashback (7 years, Bobby’s auto salvage yard, summer1999)

There in the golden sun stood a 16 year old Dawn dressed in blue low-cut jeans and a red tank top, before an innocent 16 year old Sam and a horny 20 year old Dean.

Look after yourself ok? I will be gone for a little while until I have helped Angel,” Buffy said.

Ok, but I still don’t understand why I can’t help,” Dawn whined.

Because you need to have a normal life and you’ve already fought through one end-y of the world fight, you don’t need to do that again. And I say again, look after yourself?” Buffy explained for the 6th time that day.

Of course I will, butt-monkey,” Dawn said, sulking.

That’s all I ask, brat,” Buffy said sincerely.

The sister’s, after a second, looked up and started laughing.

Oh I am going to miss this. Bye Dawn, see you soon,” Buffy said, hugging Dawn.

Bye Buffy, be careful?” Dawn asked, returning the hug.

Always and forever.”

Three people were standing in the grounds outside Bobby’s auto yard as they introduced themselves.

Hey Amy-Jane Smith,” Dawn said, with her experience of lying to her sister.

Sam,” A teenage boy, similar to her age, said with a bit of shyness.

Dean,” his hot brother said, extending a hand to her, which she shook.

She was about to say something when an object caught her eye.

Is that a 1967Chevrolet Impala?” Dawn questioned, her eyes sparkling.

The two people seemed to be drawn to each other, and not because they thought the other was hot but because they had similar interests like pool, cars, poker, Black coffee, Peanut M&Ms and Classic Rock.

They were both sitting under the stars, in a field not far from Bobby’s. Both wrapped in each other’s arms as they listened to Metallica.

As they looked at the stars they took it in turn to look at each other, missing the other each time, until at some point they were staring into the others eyes. Each set of eyes had lust in them and before Dawn knew it, she was on her back being kissed frantically by Dean and after a few second she returned the kiss with the equal amount of passion.

That night Dawn lost her virginity.


“Alright, thanks Bobby,” Dean snapped and started towards the roadhouse.

“Dean what did bobby say?” Sam queried, while running after Dean.

“That Dawn Summers has the alias Amy-Jane Smith and we met HER!” Dean shouted, which caused Sam to stop suddenly.

“No way, it can’t be.”

“Oh it is Sammy, so you coming or what?” Dean yelled and Sam, again, ran to catch up with Dean’s fast pace.

When Dean enter, followed shortly by Sam, the bar held Ellen and Dawn, who were both clearing the bar area. They both stopped when the door was opened with such a force it caused them to jump.

“Well you guys sure know had to make an entrance as much as I do,” Dawn chuckled, grabbing her heart for effect.

The response she got was just a cold glare from the Winchesters’ which could have sent chills down her spine. The way she knew that they knew who she was, was the fact that Dean’s stare was harder than Sam’s.

“Oh crap,” Dawn whispered.

“Oh crap, is right, why didn’t you tell us?” Dean shouted forcing his built up anger onto her.

Sam took a softer approach and said calmly,

“Yeah, you should have told us, I mean you just left all of sudden without any word, where did you go?”

“No, the matter question is, why did you leave? Why didn’t you tell me? Come on Dawn or should I say Amy-Jane? You were never this quiet before, so why all of a SUDDEN? WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY ANYTHING?” Dean fired question after question at Dawn until she broke from the interrogation.

“Because I didn’t want to hurt Jesse,” Dawn blurted out, but after she realised what she said and saw the realisation in Sam’s eyes, she covered her mouth in shock.

“Oh crap, Dawn, no way!?” Sam whispered.

“What? What’s this got to do with Jesse?” Dean asked confused, looking at Dawn then Sam.

Sam gave him a pointed but sad look, which made him think of all the similarities between him and Jesse.

“Dawn, please tell that Jesse isn’t my son!?” Dean pleaded with Dawn, but he got all the answers he needed when Dawn looked away from him to the ground.

“FOR CHRISTSAKE DAWN, YOU SELFISH BITCH, HOW COULD YOU?” Dean shouted, but he ran out of the bar before he lost his anger more and shot Dawn.

Sam ran after him shouting his name; he continued even after Dawn heard the impala drive off into the dark, cold night.

The door opened for a second in the last ten minutes with ease, but the stare Dawn was given from Sam was the opposite, so much so that hatred was a nice way of describing it.

“Sam please, just let me explain?” Dawn said desperately but Sam’s replied was slamming his motel room door, which was located in the back.

Dawn felt the guilt and self-hatred rise in her stomach so much so that she picked up a near by glass and threw it at the wall. With glass smashing and flying everywhere, Dawn broke down in tears and was hugged by Ellen, who had been shocked and silence during the argument, not believing her ears to intervene.

The hug was strange and uncomfortable for Ellen but she was saved from sleepy Ash, who had woken from all the noise. Seeing his best friend in distress, Ash transferred Dawn from Ellen and started to rock and rub her hair in a soothing motion.

Ellen decided to leave the two friends alone to sort out the situation together. On her way to bed she checked on Jesse, but he was sound asleep and with a sad smile, she thought,

‘Just like Dean.’

After a couple of minutes, Dawn’s sobs died down and Ash asked the question,

“Dean knows?”

Dawn drew in a shaky breath and whispered,

“Dean knows.”





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